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Rallying Staff for Return To Work

After the workforce had been on furlough for many months, Vue Cinemas knew they needed to re-engage their team to be ready and energised for the re-opening of cinemas. Many of the team members were young and had access to smart phones but, in many cases, not to desktop or laptop devices. The event was designed with the key aim to get strong engagement from whatever device was being used, and to enable the leadership team to speak directly to, and interact with 3,000 team members of all levels and in all locations.

We helped Vue create a dazzling end-to-end experience, designing hold-the-date emails, invitations and follow-ups, as well as a slick and human-scaled experience, which benefited from filming in their own venues, thus feeling familiar and on-message to staff.

Thanks for the amazing event today! It has gone down so well across the business and inspired other events. Our Group Exec that tuned in sent comments through like ‘Smashed it!’ and ‘Better than anything I have seen the studios do for big conferences’.  Well done and thank you to you and your team.

David Cameron, Head of Marketing – Vue Cinemas

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