Internal Communications

The world of work has changed quickly, and keeping team members motivated, engaged and aligned with company strategy now requires a different approach. The bright side is that new technologies and ways of working can actually provide platforms for wider accessibility and interaction than ever before.

Big annual company conferences, town hall meetings with the team, and management workshops continue to be valuable, and worth spending the time to get right. They can’t be replaced with a quick video call with everyone on mute.

These big events were important before 2020, and continue to be so – maybe even more so now people are spending less time physically with colleagues. A virtual event, well planned and run, can provide all the energy, buzz and excitement of a physical event, with an environment that you can design to be just perfect for the occasion.

Unlike a physical venue, there’s no limit to the number of participants, no parking or transport problems, you can have as many breakout rooms as you like, and everything can be captured, recorded and analysed, so you’ll never miss a great idea, or a masterful keynote speech again.

Other Great Internal Comms Tools

It’s not just events that need an update – internal communication newsletters, and many more communications can benefit from real expertise that taps into the way a new workforce is consuming content outside of the workplace, and ensures that what you’re delivering is making the most of the opportunities available.

We can work with you to produce all kinds of content – often reusing videos, worksheets and course details you already have to create innovative webinars, podcast series, training plans, on-boarding programmes and more.

Hours of recorded Zoom meetings?

Many companies now have a backlog of recorded video meetings, which have some great messages from leaders, that would be valuable to staff members if the key points were pulled out and delivered in an accessible way. We’re experts in editing content and packaging it up in ways that your staff, stakeholders or even customers will love to consume.

Whatever your internal communications challenge, we’d love to help, so drop us a line and let’s get communicating!

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