Jul, 15 2016

Virgin Atlantic: Live ENG crew & B roll

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Maximise national media reach of Virgin Atlantic’s announcement of a $4.4 billion order for 12 new aircraft.


Through the I, with the help of its media partners Markettiers, secured broadcast coverage for Virgin Atlantic across the U.K.. Unveiled at Farnborough air show, the news continues Virgin Atlantic’s investment in a greener, cleaner, quieter fleet, with forecasts suggesting the aircraft will generate 10% lower CO2 emissions.

Our team of 12 were onsite, capturing all the news and producing a live feed via satellite truck of the aircraft landing at the air show for a VIP photocall. We also provided a press photographer and immediate distribution to picture desks. The video footage was made available to broadcasters for use in morning news programmes and further live feeds were produced, as well as B-Roll footage of the day’s events that was used to secure a wide range of coverage, against a very heavy news agenda.


The content that we produced was published and broadcast across all of these networks: CNN Live | Sky News | Reuters | BBC World | CNBC | Bloomberg | ITV Meridian | AOL | Yahoo | MSN | The Telegraph.

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