Jul, 11 2016

Mayhew Animal Home: Facebook Live



Every year, Mayhew Animal Home hosts a major event in a public park in London to raise awareness of its important animal welfare work. This year, the charity’s Hounds on the Heath event took place on Hampstead Heath and was supported by national and international PR and social campaigns.

As live streaming and social video experts, Through The I wanted to do everything it could to help maximise the reach of the charity’s event. Primarily, the Mayhew wanted to give all of their existing and prospective supporters the opportunity to be part of Hounds on the Heath – to give those who couldn’t make the event the chance to engage with it – and in turn the Mayhew hoped to increase the prospect of donations, volunteers, and ‘rehomers’ (members of the public who sign up to rehouse one of Mayhew’s many abandoned dogs and cats).

After speaking to The Mayhew, Through The I decided to lend our storytelling and live streaming expertise to produce a Facebook Live Stream for the charity, broadcasting live from Hounds on the Heath.


Through The I approached the live stream like one of our usual live interactive TV shows, and working closely with the Mayhew, we prepared questions for 20+ interviews, as well as mapped out the ideal path for our broadcast crew to follow during the broadcast tracking the day’s events. We also advised the Mayhew on the best way to promote the live stream pre-event on social media to generate audience anticipation.

On the day, we used our specially built Apple iPhone camera stabilizer rig which also included professional microphones to capture quality sound from ad hoc interviews at what we knew would be a very windy location.

In the end, fronted by a professional presenter we produced a raw 2.5 hours Facebook Live stream which included interviews with celebrities and the Mayhew’s CEO Caroline Yates, footage from across the event, and most importantly, the stream was filled with amazing, inspiring and poignant stories from volunteers and animal lovers on the heath.

Click here to watch Part 1 & Part 2 of our live stream.


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