Apr, 07 2016

Marriott: Staff Training


Marriott wanted to improve customer service at County Hall, their top London property, as part of a redevelopment of the hotel that included a higher price point.


We developed an innovative online staff training game for Marriott that featured 28 interconnected videos. Across seven key customer service scenarios, we had staff members act out typical scenes three times over with very tiny changes in body language, tone, dress code, attitude and service. Trainees (viewers) then had to pay very close attention to identify which scene featured the best service, before clicking on the video to find out if they have identified the correct one. The game promotes active learning as the differences between good five star service, and exceptional five star service, are highly nuanced. Marriott is now using our HR training game to train all of its staff at County Hall.


As a direct result of the training initiative, Marriott saw a 10% increase in staff service scores year on year.

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