Nov, 17 2016

LEGO Store – Leicester Square


Maximise global media engagement and public awareness of the opening of the world’s largest LEGO store in London’s Leicester Square


We recommend producing a social news video feature along with a cut B roll news package, supported by our media liaisons team. Our consultancy included the mobile optimization of content to ensure maximum engagement across all channels. Filmed two days prior to the opening of the store, we produced an over-night edit and distributed the video feature and B roll footage to global media outlets.


Hours after distributing the video and B roll to global media it was published by Time Out, Evening Standard, the Daily Mirror, CNN, Reuters, Sky News, ABC, CBC, Mail Online, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph and many more outlets. We achieved 170,000 views, 6,000 likes, 3,500 comments and 2,500 shares within 6 hours – all organic views.

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