Aug, 16 2016

Financial News: Live Stream & Social Media Marketing


Financial News were looking to evolve their commercial opportunities to current and potential advertisers/sponsors, through new and engaging video services. They wanted an initiative that was cost effective, efficient and utilised their existing online platforms and data-captured new potential sales leads for their clients.


Through The I worked with Financial News’ commercial team to develop a new live streaming, interactive TV show where clients were able to host topical debates related to their sector. As well as handling the entire production and editing of the video content, part of our solution involves ongoing, direct marketing campaigns on social media (LinkedIn) promoting the content to identified target niches.


Our most recent live stream achieved:
– 308 total registered new users data captured (from highly targeted niche)
– 68% of those registered watched the content
– 1040% increase in social media effectiveness compared to FN’s past campaigns

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