BBC Sounds ‘PRESSED’ Podcast Series


Podcast Production & Post-production Services

Through The I was chosen by the BBC to work on the delivery of 22-podcasts in line with BBC Sounds ‘Pressed’ series and in collaboration with presenter / producer Pilar Nalwimba.

Throughout the run, Through the I provided BBC Sounds and Pilar with a consistent team to ensure familiarity and rapport. This enabled Pilar to focus on content and delivery for each episode during recordings with no distraction.  Furthermore, the core production team alongside Pilar built efficiencies into the process in order create a seamless production flow from studio set up, record through to post-production completion and asset optimisation.

This collaboration will run over a duration of 6months and covers recordings for both BBC Sounds and BBC Three.

Production Setup:

  • Providing a curated experience for presenters and guests alike, ensuring they can focus on the content delivered whilst the Through The I team manage all logistics and production aspects of the recording.
  • Set concept / design.
  • Full production team services across both audio and video production during each live record.

Audio production & post-production:

  • Audio technician/engineer in Through the I studio for each main podcast record.
  • Radio mic set up for each speaker and guest.
  • Post-production as per paper edit provided by BBC Sounds (including client edits).
  • Final audio master and files provided to BBC Sounds for upload to podcast channels as required.
  • Delivery of assets as per BBC Sounds timeline to guarantee the relevant episode goes Live Friday am (72 hours post record).

Video production:

  • Camera team for 3x camera production, studio lighting and speaker spotlighting.
  • Audio feed from main podcast audio recording.
  • Post-production creation of 1x 5min video asset optimized for YouTube in line with BBC Sounds ‘Pressed’ existing episodes and in collaboration with series presenter and producer Pilar Nalwimba.
  • Post-production for 3x Instagram assets to include video, sound bytes and animated overlays (including client edits).
  • Transcription & subtitling across all social video assets.

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